Happy Independence Day Quotes 2021

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 15 August is the occasion of Independence Day in India, and this year we are celebrating 75 years of independence from British rule. After nearly two centuries under imperial rule and after countless sacrifices and struggles, Indians achieved their independence on August 15, 1947. Men, women and children proudly lost their lives in the rebellion against the British, and successfully managed to drive them out of their homeland. .

Celebrated as a national holiday across the country, Independence Day honors the sacrifice and dedication of the bravehearts who aimed for one goal – simply to break free from the slavery of colonialists. People all over the country host flag hoisting ceremonies and sing the national anthem to celebrate the day filled with patriotism.

The depth of pride felt by every Indian while hoisting the tricolor flag of his country is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the flag hoisting ceremony will not be held this Independence Day, but citizens are encouraged to do so in their homes and in exchange for social distancing with family.


“A person may die for one thought, but that thought, after his death, will incarnate in a thousand lives.” – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

“India began its endless quest at the beginning of history, and the trackless centuries are filled with the magnificence of its effort and its success and its failures. Through good and bad luck, it has never lost sight of that discovery or He has not forgotten the ideals that gave him strength.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

“Don’t forget that compromising with injustice and wrong is the greatest crime. Remember the eternal rule: If you want to receive you must give. – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

“If your blood does not weep yet, it is the water that flows in your veins. What is the point of youth if not service to the motherland.” – Chandrashekhar Azad

“Unless you achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by law, is of no use to you.” – NS. ambedkar

“We have believed, and now we believe, that freedom is indivisible, that peace is indivisible, that economic prosperity is indivisible.” – Indira Gandhi

“It is easy to kill individuals, but you cannot kill ideas. Great empires collapsed, while ideas survived.” – Bhagat Singh

“Give me your blood and I will give you freedom!” – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

“Many years ago, we made a vow with fate, and now the time comes when we will fulfill our vow, … At midnight, when the world sleeps, India will wake up to life and freedom.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Best wishes

The way God has desired us is freedom; It is something we are born with. Something that no one can take away from you. Let’s celebrate freedom! happy Independence Day.

Freedom does not see color or shape. There is a lot of hate and violence in the world, and now we need to build a better future, one filled with love, unity and understanding. Here’s to an amazing Independence Day!

We are blessed that we have the right to speak and be heard. Many brave souls fought for a right. Let’s take a moment to think about their sacrifice and what they had to pay for the freedom we enjoy.

Our forefathers achieved our freedom through their hard work and sacrifice. Now we must work hard to make a better nation for the coming generations. happy Independence Day!

My love for my nation is boundless. My love for my people is endless. I wish only happiness for my country. Let me be the first to wish you a very special Independence Day!

Let’s salute our great nation on its Independence Day! I hope you all feel grateful for your freedom and proud of the nation you were born in. Jai Hind!

For our freedom fighters, for our soldiers, for our heroes of the nation, they are the reason we are still alive, and we will never forget their sacrifice….happy Independence Day!

May your spirits rise with the flag today! happy Independence Day!

Let us take some time today to give importance to our country and never forget the sacrifice of those who gave us freedom. happy Independence Day!

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