How to use the summon command in Minecraft Pocket Edition

How to use the summon command in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Commands in Minecraft can often make the game a lot more fun. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to just run around, explore and do things without needing to struggle to do so. Creative Mode allows this, but it isn’t the same and often requires switching back and forth, which can be a hassle.

While it does disable achievements and some hardcore Minecraft players will frown upon it, it provides a great balance between Creative and Survival.

Commands can be difficult to use if players aren’t familiar with them and a lot of them involve complicated text and are nearly impossible to remember, like the fill command.

One of the commands that allows players to just have fun and mess around in a world is the summon command.

How to use the summon command in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Rather than having to go to the Nether, get three wither skeleton skulls and four blocks of soul sand and then return to the overworld, spawn the Wither and fight it (or get a spawn egg in Creative and then change back to Survival).

The same goes for any mob or entity. Here’s how to use it on Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition summon command

Minecraft Pocket Edition works mostly the same as any other version of Minecraft, save for a few control differences and a touch screen. Commands are the same way. They are typed into the chat bar and used there just like on any other platform.

For Bedrock, which is Pocket Edition, the summon command is a little bit complex. “/summon <entityType: EntityType> <nameTag: string> [spawnPos: x y z]” is the template for this particular command.

For example, if a player wants to summon a Pillager captain to start a raid, this would be the formula: “summon pillager ~ ~ ~ Minecraft:promote_to_patrol_captain” or for a wolf: “summon wolf ~ ~ ~ Minecraft:on_tame”.

The string tag refers to the in-game event for the entity. The spawn position is where it needs to be spawned, which usually involves the Minecraft player’s current coordinates.

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