What is Vestige? || how does Vestige work? full process

What is Vestige? || how does Vestige work? full process
What is Vestige? || how does Vestige work? full process


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In this article, we are going to talk about an international company, named Vestige. Vestige International is the first company in the world to have its wallet string audited by external, independent auditors. 

There have been claims of this company being very fraudulent, so in this article, we will get to know the Vestige business plan from within and will present the truth of this company to you through this article.

What is Vestige?

Vestige is a network marketing company that works through MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Vestige debuted on 2nd June 2004 by Anukul Agrawal in India.
Products like health care, personal care, home care, health food, natural personal care, and oral care are sold by this company.

Vestige Company Profile


Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


 Anukul Agrawal


A-89, Okhla Industrial Area Phase II
New Delhi 110020, India





Phone No

plus(+)971 42347467

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How to start the Vestige?

Friends No Registration Fee is Charged, Just Buy Products Worth 350 BV Within 30 Days to Complete the Registration Process and Become a Valid Vestige Distributor.

Friends company gives you a total of 7 types of income which are as follows.

  • Be a 100%, Product User
  • Talk with People About the Product 
  • Make a List
  • Invitation 
  • Meeting
  • Team Work 
  • Follow up 

Be a 100%, Product User

Every day in your daily routine you have to use Vestige products because this is not just a business to say, it is a business to do.
What will you tell people if you do not use Vestige products? The products you use every day like toothpaste, oil, shampoo, hair oil, deodorants, and extras should be from Vestige.
Because vestige products are of top quality, when you use them yourself and experience it, you will have confidence that yes whoever I recommend these products will definitely like this product. And with this confidence, your business will grow rapidly.

Talk with People About the Product

Talk to people about these products like friends, family, and colleagues, and share these products with all these people, how easy is it, this is what we are doing since childhood
whenever we buy a new item like a mobile, Phone, clothes, or shoes tell people about them, show them to people, and make comments, then you have to do the same with the product of Vestige.

Make a List

When you start doing this business, then you have to make a list of at least 100 to 200 people and then keep adding new people to this list.
So how to make a list and which people can you add to this list in the beginning? Let me tell you a simple formula for that.
Friends: You can add your friends to this list.
relatives: You can add your relatives to this list.
Institutions: You can add people who were with you in school and college to this list.
Employees who do jobs can add to their call excuse
Neighbor means you can add neighbors.
Dreamers i.e. such people whose dreams are very big, you can add such people to it.
Strangers ie strangers, so if you are traveling somewhere in the bus, on the train, or on the flight, then you can also share the vestige with the passengers sitting around you.


Four-step is the invitation, so the people whose list you had made from the third, now you have to invite them for the meeting. Now there are different types of invitations.
If you personally know the people whose list you have made, then if a person is interested in business, then you can invite them by calling them Business Opportunity.
If there is a student, then you can invite them a a part-time earning opportunity, if there is a housewife, then you can invite them by calling consumer empowerment or women empowerment opportunity,
if there is a self-employed person then you can invite them to the same commerce business. You can invite by saying Opportunity.


The fifth step is meeting then there are three types of meetings, the first is 121 meeting When you give an invitation to someone about the message business,
you will meet them to show the plan, then for the meeting or you will go to their house or call them at your home or outside By fixing a meeting at some place, you will explain the business plan of Vestige to them, then it is called 121 meetings.
The more you do 121 meetings, the more your confidence will increase and the more communication skills you will improve, then you have to have at least two personal meetings in a day. Second is the house meeting,
what happens in this is that you invite eight to ten friends to your house and show the plan with the upline, then it is called a house meeting.
Now there is a seminar, it is organized by the company every month and big leaders come in it, the achievers come, so when the company organizes this meeting in your city, the more people you can take, the more people you can take in this. Take it to the seminar, you will get a very good result.

Team Work

Network marketing is a business of people, and you will be able to do it successfully only if you and your team are strongly bound, for this, you should always be in touch with your team, in the beginning,
you talk with your team every day and guide them properly and week You have a meeting with your team in 10 days. In the meeting, you should also call your upline, answer the question with them, and motivate them.

Follow up

And the last step is to follow up with kind of people first with your team and with other people who have taken about this there is no noise about it
when you call people to a meeting there are some people who immediately follow this Start the business and become your team and some people say
that I will tell you after thinking then you have to follow with such people like if they have any doubt then you clear their doubt later and give them you
You can do small updates about the company in 10 days or can give some motivational videos for the company, share in network marketing, share with them, and in the same way you have kept those people in your touch.
This is called follow-up, if there is a person who does not want to do it and looks good, then you give them more product information and tell them about the program and tell about the monthly office and whatever they are doing
If you want to copy and paste then follow this then you will definitely get the product third fourth fifth sixth and seventh
Who has made a detailed video about what is your income and why you will find it in the description box, then you do not live with you in your area, stay away from you with whom you have to visit the site.
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How to work in Vestige?


Friends company gives you a total of 10 types of income which are as follows.

Savings on consumption

The 1st Income Saving on Consumption is the amount, which is the difference between MRP and your Purchase Price.
If the MRP of the product is Rs. 120, and Distributor Price is Rs. 100/-, then your Saving/Retail Profit=MRP (Rs. 120)-Distributor Price (Rs. 100) = Rs. 20
Savings on consumption


Accumulative Performance Bonus

Vestige provides a 5-20% Performance Bonus on your Self Purchase and a 0-15% Performance Bonus on your Team Purchase directly to your Bank Account.
A distributor has to qualify to receive the performance bonus and is entitled to earn the bonus as per the qualifying level. Vestige offers very rewarding performance bonuses, which are one of the best in the world of direct selling. To earn this performance bonus, a qualifying level of Point Value (PV) must be accumulated.
To receive the performance bonus for a given month, distributors must make individual purchases (at distributor price) of the following value in the month:
a) Distributors who earn up to 17% payout – 20 PV
b) Distributors who earn 20% payout – 40 PV
If in any case, a distributor fails to make individual purchases, the bonus earned in that month is carried forward and released in the month when the distributor makes the required individual purchase.
Accumulative Performance Bonus


Bronze Director Bonus

Vestige allots 14% of the company’s monthly PV as Director’s Bonus (DB). It is calculated by the “Point Sharing System” based on the Director Bonus Points earned by the qualifiers. DB Point value varies every month and is calculated monthly as per the formula shown below:
14% of the company’s monthly PV/total DB Points = DB Point Value
The above table provides the qualifying status and percentage share for various levels of directors.
fast start bronze director
If you achieve 7,501 PV in a business month, you qualify as a Fast Start Bronze Director. This entitles you to a 20% performance bonus and a director bonus.
Bronze Director Bonus


Team Building Bonus

Vestige allocates 2% of the Company’s Monthly PV as Team Building Bonus to Bronze and Silver Directors. This is Computed by a point-sharing system based on the points earned by the qualifiers.
TBB point value varies each Business month and is computed monthly as per the formula shown:-
Team Building Bonus


Business Building Bonus

When a distributor qualifies for Silver Director i.e. gets a Bronze Director qualified from 2001pv in his downline and at the same time does business of 1801Pv from his side leg, then he becomes eligible for Business Building Bonus.
Which distributes 14% of the company’s turnover between the directors and above levels of silver
Suppose the company does a turnover of 100cr in this month, then the company will set aside 14% of the 100cr and will distribute silver among the director and above according to the business done by them.
Currently, the value of the Business Building Bonus is running at 0.83
Which is the formula to extract it.
Business Building Bonus


Leadership Overriding Bonus

Leadership Overriding Bonus (LOB) is paid to Silver Directors and above. The percentage of LOB depends on the situation. To qualify for LOB all qualifiers must have 40 PV and an individual purchase of 5,625 GPV except the individual purchase of 40 PV.
5,625 GPV has to come from a single downline group. The LOB is calculated as per the table given below. If your director downline does not have a GPV of 5,625, then the GPV of the eligible/ineligible directors is rolled-up till a GPV of 5,625 is achieved.
LOB is also based on the point value system and then the value of the point is determined as per the formula shown below.
Leadership Overriding Bonus


Travel Fund

Vestige Silver offers Travel Funds (TF) to Directors and above. The TF allocates 3% of the company’s monthly total PV and is calculated by a “Point Sharing System” based on Travel Fund points earned by the qualifiers. The TF value per point will vary from month to month and is calculated monthly according to the formula shown below:
3% of the company’s total monthly PV / total Travel Fund points collected = TF Point Value
This too director bonus is based on merit and is paid accordingly at the same level.
Travel Fund is to be used for travel journeys declared by the Company.
Travel Fund

Car Fund

Vestige offers a generous Car Fund (CF) to Star Directors and above. The CF allocates 5% of the company’s monthly total PV and is calculated by a “Point Sharing System” based on Car Fund Points earned by the qualifiers.
The CF cost per point will vary from month to month and is calculated monthly as per the formula shown below:
5% of the company’s monthly PV/total CF points = CF point value
This too director bonus is based on merit and is paid accordingly at the same level.
Note: Must have PGPV of 2001 PV, this will be excluding the business volume of the 20% downlines.
Car Fund

House Fund

Vestige offers a generous House Fund (HF) for Crown Directors and above. HF allocates 3% of the total PV of the company and is calculated by the “Point Sharing System” on the basis of House Fund Points collected by the respective qualifiers.
The HF price per point will vary from month to month and is calculated monthly as per the formula shown below:
3% of the company’s total monthly PV / total HF points = HF point value
This too director bonus is based on merit and is paid accordingly at the same level.
House Fund

Elite Club Bonus

Elite Club Bonus – 2% As a distributor, you save this amount as the difference between MRP and Distributor Price. Vestige offers a retail profit of 10 to 20% on most of the products.
Elite Club Bonus

Advantages of Vestige

  • By joining Vestige, you can earn millions sitting at home.
  • Vestige can be done as a business that does not require investment.
  • You do not need any degree to join Vestige.
  • Vestige is a Direct Selling company that delivers its products to you at cheap prices from the market.
  • Vestige is ISO 9001-2015 certified so can be trusted.
  • The products of Vestige are FSSAI Verified.
  • After getting the title of director in Vestige, you are given a Fixed Salary every month.

Disadvantages of Vestige

Just as everything has advantages, similarly it also has some disadvantages. If you also want to join Vestige, then you should also know its disadvantages.
After joining Vestige, you have to sell their products and create your own network. It is not as easy as it seems because there are already very big brands in the market and people do not even trust any new brand soon.
Advertisements on TV, Radio, YouTube, and banners of well-known brands are seen everywhere and their promotion is also mostly done by celebrities.
This is the reason that people are more attracted to brands, in such a situation, the product of Vestige cannot be trusted quickly.
That’s why many times you lose your self-respect in the affair of selling Vestige products. To sell Vestige’s products, your communication skills are good, then only you can survive in network marketing.

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If you like the Vestige Business Plan, you can start Vestige Business by joining Vestige at Vestige Free Joining.

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